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Frequently Asked Questions

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What should I know before becoming a Forex Broker

It is enough for you to have a basic knowledge of how the Forex market works. We can make precise training and detailed adjustments for you and save you from this burden.

What is required for Off-Shore company establishment?

Generally, Off-Shore company setups are finalized within 4-8 working days. Documents required for company establishment;

1- Visually scanning image of both leaves of your passport.
2- Declares your address, notarized address copy in English.

Do I have to establish an Off-Shore company?

If you do not have a registered company, you cannot make MetaTrader License and Liquidizer agreements. For this reason, it must be a company registered with you.

What will you need to become a Forex Broker?

In order to open your MetaTrader Server and reach your customers simply;

1-Registered Company

2- MetaTrader White Label License

3- Price Provider

4- Payment System

5- Web Applications

6- Switchboard Systems

7- You need CRM for customer tracking.

Good news ! You can obtain all these steps in one go from Markup Trade.

How are Spreads and Commissions adjusted?

All our clients have a screen where they can adjust their spreads and commissions. Here you can set special rates for your groups. In addition, if you want to get professional support, Markup Trade will help you with this.

What is the difference between A-Book and B-Book?

In A-Book, also known as STP system, the profitability of your company will only be the differences in spreads and commissions. B-Book, on the other hand, depends on the profit-loss ratio of the transactions. The risk that you have loaded into the B-Book is higher. However, you can achieve optimum performance with a good Risk Management.
Good news ! If you wish, you can leave your organization's risk management to us, and you can only be interested in finding potential customers.

What is the benefit of Risk Management?

With a good risk management, you can manage when you need to stay on the A-Book and on a customer or group basis. You can maximize your profits. If you want to get detailed information, contact us.

What is a liquidator and how many different liquids can we work with?

Liquidizer is the name given to the institutions that determine the prices according to the purchase and sales in the instrument. Markup Trade has trade agreements with 6 leading liquidators of the world. Working with the backup backup strategy, Markup Trade is always committed to providing the best data flow.

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